List of Accepted Papers

Session: Algorithms and Complexity
12  A review on different image encryption approaches Amina Souyah and Kamel Mohamed Faraoun
15 Palmprint image quality measurement algorithm Fares Guerrache
132 Bioinspired inference system for medical image segmentation Hakima Zouaoui and Abdelouahab Moussaoui
121 Realization Of Gymnastic Movements on the Bar by Humanoid Robot Using a New Selfish Gene Algorithm Lyes Tighzert and Boubekeur Mendil
148 Solution Space Reduction of Automotive Safety Integrity Levels Allocation Problem Youcef Gheraibia, Habiba Krimou and Khaoula Djafri
22 A Novel Bio Inspired Algorithm Based on Echolocation Mechanism of Bats for Seismic Hazards Detection Mohamed Elhadi Rahmani, Abdelmalek Amine, Hamou Reda Mohamed, Amine Rahmani, Hanene Menad, Hadj Ahmed Bouarara and Mohamed Amine Boudia
50 Enhanced Chemical Reaction Optimization for Multi-objective Traveling Salesman Problem Samira Bouzoubia, Abdesslem Layeb and Salim Chikhi
58 Adaptive Cuckoo Search Algorithm for the Bin Packing Problem Zakaria Zendaoui and Abdesslem Layeb

Session: Intelligent and Information Systems
51 Greedy Mean Squared Residue for Texture Images Retrieval Salah Bougueroua and Bachir Boucheham
174 Clustering to enhance case-based reasoning Abdelhak Mansoul and Baghdad Atmani
169 Improving the method of wrist localization local minimum-based for hand detection Sofiane Medjram, Mohamed Chaouki Babahenini, Yamina Mohamed Ben Ali and Abdelmalik Taleb-Ahmed
139 Parkinson’s Disease Recognition by Speech Acoustic Parameters Classification Djamila Meghraoui, Bachir Boudraa and Thoraya Meksen

Session: Networking and Cloud Computing
155 The Finger-Knuckle-Print Recognition Using the Kernel Principal Components Analysis and the Support Vector Machines Souad Khellat-Kihel, Reza Abrishambaf, Jorge Cabral, Joao Monteiro and Mohamed Benyettou
109 An intelligent management of lighting in an ambient environment with a Multi-Agent System Aouatef Chaib, Imane Boussebough and Allaoua Chaoui
38 A proposal for shared VMs Management in IaaS Clouds Sid Ahmed Makhlouf and Belabbas Yagoubi
145 Cloud Simulation Model Based on Large Numbers Law for Evaluating Fault Tolerance Approaches Oussama Hannache and Mohamed Batouche
85 Towards an inter-organizational collaboration network characterization Kahina Semar and Kamel Boukhalfa
111 Asymmetric End-to-End Security for Human-to-Thing Communications in the Internet of Things Somia Sahraoui and Azeddine Bilami
187 Mobile User Location Tracking with Unreliable Data Samia Zouaoui and Abdelmalik Bachir

Session: Software Engineering and Formal Methods
52 Two Stages Feature Selection Based on Filter Ranking methods and SVM-RFE Applied on Medical Applications Hayet Djellali, Nacira Ghoualmi - Zine and Nabiha Azizi
82 A Formal Approach for Maintainability and Availability Assessment using Probabilistic Model Checking Abdelhakim Baouya, Djamal Bennouar, Otmane Ait Mohamed and Samir Ouchani
83 A Locally Sequential Globally Asynchronous net from Maximality-based Labelled Transition System Adel Benamira and Djamel-Eddine Saidouni
159 A pairwise Approach for Model Merging Mohammed Boubakir and Allaoua Chaoui